Art Park


Exploring the Future of the Former Dome Arena on Morecambe's Promenade

2015 onwards

Morecambe Promenade

Lancaster City Council

Deco Publique worked with Kate Drummond and Kathryn MacDonald to carry out a series of public consultations

Project Highlight: 
Working with our local community to understand their aspirations and begin to reimagine their civic space together

In Spring of 2015, Deco Publique were commissioned by Lancaster City Council to produce a report that explored art-led development of the former Dome site on Morecambe Promenade.

The 4,000 m² space on Morecambe’s Promenade has a long history of architectural and spatial change and since 2015 Deco Publique have been working on a long term project to see the space put back into positive use for the community. 

Deco Publique delivered a programme of community engagement using three consultation exercises designed to give stakeholders and a broad spectrum of the public, local businesses, organisations, festival organisers, artists and designers, the opportunity to offer feedback and ideas for the space.

The final report proposed that the site of the former Bubbles / Dome, be creatively re-developed to become ‘Art Park’, transforming a desolate under-utilised arena into a vibrant public space at the heart of the seafront.

In June 2017 we welcome surface design studio, Bespoke Atelier to Art Park. We're very excited to work with this Glasgow based agency whose pattern based work is specially designed for architecture, interiors and public realm projects. 


Deco Publique - Services Engaged

Research | Creative Direction | Project Management | Arts Commissioning |Budget Control | Design, Marketing & PR Direction

What to Expect: 

“Art Park is a vibrant, multi functional public space on Morecambe’s promenade where visitors and residents can experience cultural programming, play, relax and enjoy the beautiful, safe surroundings in an enviable environment.”