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My Deco Publique summer experience so far: An Introduction

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Holly Gudgin

My name is Holly Gudgin and I am Deco Publique’s current intern. I’ve been working with Deco Publique all summer and it’s been a whirlwind experience but a fantastic one. So to start, a bit more about myself. I am a new graduate from Lancaster University who has just completed a BA Hons in Theatre. I first heard about Deco Publique when Elena Gifford, one of the two Directors for Deco, came to present on my course to talk about ‘creative enterprise’. I immediately felt like I connected with Deco’s ideas and values and felt inspired by the motivational, creative and self-made aspects of the company. I had always enjoyed the performance side of theatre, but during my degree I had also had the opportunities to project manage our own productions and I was also involved in Lancaster University Theatre Group which produced their own shows in venues in the city centre. I had some experience with working in a team to produce an event, however on a much smaller level. It wasn’t until later that year when Deco Publique came up as advertising a placement for summer that I next came into contact with Deco, but with lots of drive and a real desire to learn more about creative industries I decided to apply….and I was fortunate enough to be offered the job!

So what have I been up to all summer? Well it’s safe to say this placement has offered me a variety of tasks and learning opportunities, every day is different! One of my favourite parts of the jobs has been working in close communication with the performers and traders that we have at our events, in particular searching for new people to work with. It’s great seeing someone you researched and contacted produce something great at one of the events, whether that be a performer or a food trader. However it can make you super hungry in the office when you are looking for tasty food trader pitches though!  It’s interesting to observe and be a part of contracting and sorting out all the information for the people who work with us and has given me a great insight into how large scale events come together.

Another part of office life which is great is its location. Before starting this placement I had never visited the seaside town of Morecambe, despite it being only ten minutes away on the train. There is nothing like being near the sea, in particular on a beautiful sunny day you can look out to the Bay from the office and it really is fantastic, especially if you manage to glimpse a Morecambe sunset.

But of course, the best bit has to be the events... there’s so much to say about each one, so i’ll leave it for my next post and fill you in one all the best moments about working a festival weekend. But for now here’s some pictures of from my first festival Fine Tuned at the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool a sunny photo of Morecambe I took on my first day and a beautiful Bay sunset at one of our festivals.