32 Artists. 15 Venues. 62 Artworks.

Discovering art in unexpected venues as part of Vintage by the Sea. In association with Morecambe Artist Colony.

2.11.16 to 23.11.16

15 Town Centre Venues Morecambe

Alan Outram

20th Century Morecambe Art Trail was part of Vintage by the Sea 2016 and took place in 15 venues in Morecambe. The trail gave us the opportunity to explore placing art in unexpected venues, allowing us to engage with local traders who are part of the towns identity, including the unique, Old Pier Bookshop and Rita’s Cafe. The project was also a way to extend the festival footprint outside of the central festival space and encourage visitors to explore venues. The Art Trail was curated by artist, Alan Outram and was delivered in association with Morecambe Artist Colony.



Jenny Steele | Ingrid Christie | Kate Costigan | Molly Bland | Alice Bardgett | Shane Johnstone | Dawn Latham |Alan Outram | Barbera Holt | Patricia Hesôkey | Steve Carne | Jane Kondras | Jamie Holman | Samantha Starkey | Charlie Kondras | Ben Hall | Linda Page | Steven John | Priscilla Edwards | Kate Drummond  | Joseph Shea | Johnny Bean | Luke Davis | John Angus | Josh Dring  | John Kingston | Jane Anderson | Graham Dean | Lin Dean | Graham Bellhouse | Simon Dalton | Georgia Rusch