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Emily Birkett

Our events are great fun for not only the public but the team as well. However, I have learnt that what you see isn't produced easily. Days, weeks and months of hard work build up to the festival weekend or project realisation and it doesn't stop once it’s over. I think many are unaware to the extent of what goes on behind the scenes to make things happen. In the office, everyone does something different.

My role as an Intern sees me getting involved wherever I am needed. Everything from the creativity of social media (which has been one of my main focuses) and research for upcoming projects to helping with finance admin including gathering invoices for funding applications and collecting documents from performers, makers and street food vendors like insurance, contracts and risk assessments. I prep the kit boxes ensuring we have all the essentials before travelling to the site, I contact people on behalf of the team (through my Deco Publique email address which makes me feel extremely professional) and make a lot of cups of tea but that’s completely voluntarily!

I also was very digitally creative, which I must say, is very new to me, making an animation for the #ThanksToYou Arts Council England campaign, our Merry Christmas stop motion for Creative Lancashire's newsletters, lots of GIFs using the Deco Publique branding and several flatlays to jazz up our social media. 

I can genuinely say I look forward to going to work everyday especially since our office is just off the prom and a breathe of fresh sea air is never more than 10 seconds away but there are definitely some challenges that are thrown my way. Even simple things like narrowing down the best photographs to use for PR when there are thousands and ensuring we don’t breach copyright. Equally, although I enjoy having a full to do list, it can get quite demanding juggling several jobs, especially nearing deadlines. Despite this, applying to work with Team Deco has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’ve learnt something new everyday and it’s lovely to work with motivated, like-minded people.

Away from the office, I helped out at More Music’s Lantern Festival in the West End of Morecambe with Lauren, lighting up the fabulous creations from local schools as they paraded through Morecambe’s streets and I helped get feedback through surveys. I also attended the Heysham Head site visit of the Headlands to Headspace Landscape Art Commissions with Elena, creative advisor Claire Mander and Susannah from Morecambe Bay Partnership. I met the shortlisted artists, walked around the grounds, braving the freezing cold weather and gained an insight into the early stages of the arts commissioning process.

My internship was due to be completed in September but after being asked to to stay on for a longer, I’ve been lucky enough to work with the team for 6 months in total. As I reflect upon my time in Morecambe, my whole experience has been full of ups with only one down; when I decided it was a clever idea to jump onto a trolley in hope I would cruise down the aisle at a supermarket in Burnley when instead, I fell completely flat on my face (in front of Alex & Ben). As I say an emotional goodbye to Lancashire (for now), although I’ve already sang their praises so many times already, I think the Deco crew deserve another thank you from me. I couldn’t have asked for a better first job experience after graduating, they took me under their wing and helped me in so many ways including lifting my confidence massively. I am so glad I have been a part of the Deco Publique journey and if an internship opportunity comes up in the future, I highly recommend anyone wanting to work in the arts and events to apply and grab it with both hands - you won’t regret it!


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