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Welcome to the Deco Publique journal and our first post about what we do.

I’m very pleased you’re here as it means you might have been to something we’ve created, you might want to create something with us, or you’re looking around to find out more :)

Lauren & I set up Deco Publique four years ago based on the belief that together we could make really good things happen. After both having separate and very different careers we wanted to create a new company that combined our shared values and a mass of aspiration that was more aligned with how we wanted to live and work.

We both live in Morecambe and believe that creativity can make this place a more enjoyable, more beautiful, more welcoming, more thriving place for us, our families and our community to live and work. As a tourist destination, we think creativity can also dramatically impact and improve Morecambe Bay as a place to visit so we want to enhance the resort’s profile as a high quality cultural destination for the wonderful visitors that join our shores every year.

Some of the work we do in Morecambe is high impact with a transformational effect - there is almost nothing better for us than seeing the Promenade alive with 40,000 people at Vintage by the Sea. But some work is longer term, smaller and slower but equally important like Art Park which we hope will be the seed of creative change for a much underloved space on the beautiful Promenade. 

It’s a wonderful honour to work in a civic space and to change the way people feel in that space, to fill it full of activity that feeds imaginations!

One of the best things about the work we do is that we get to build new relationships with new places & in the last couple of years we've loved working in Liverpool and across Pennine Lancashire - from our first site visit for a new project, when a space feels alien and unknown to the wrap up of a festival or project by which time we have become embedded and have developed a sense of connection that’s hard to shift. We get to experience hidden spaces and we challenge ourselves to think about buildings, space and the public realm from a community perspective, programming and commissioning the best artistic content to make the space achieve the most.

After dipping our toe in what it feels like to build a festival, getting the bug and being inspired by the best in the industry, Stella Hall and Wayne & Gerardine Hemingway, we built our company from scratch which in the creative and cultural industries is as challenging and demanding as it is rewarding! But in these short years we’ve achieved a lot with creative ideas, a willingness to get our hands dirty and the amazing family team we now work with. Our North of England is an inspirational place and the cultural industries across the UK is just about the best field to be a part of so I’m looking forward to continuing to sew new creative roots!

Thanks for reading, here's some behind the shots of the team from the last four years :)

Elena x